“You can now kiss the bride “

Saturday, I had my first wedding experience in Ghana. A friend of my host sister , Afriyie, was getting married and she invited me to come with her. Because it is a very singular experience, I also brought with me Kat and Pat.

So what does a real Ghanaian marriage looks like? Typically, those events start on thursday and they end late at night saturday with a big celebration. The saturday is the classic wedding you might have experienced in the past. It occurs at church and the priest is telling the usual “You can now kiss the bride” . However, everybody is dancing and singing and there’s 100000x more people attending the event.


What wedding might looks like if you’re elsewhere in Ghana (Not Accra )

Funny story: the father of the husband will throw a rock on his lands, and the place where this rock will fall is the place where the new couple needs to build their new house. 

Also, up north, polygamia is a practice that might be common ( Absolutely not common in Accra!) and you might see sometimes an old man with a 16 y.o. girl. Sometimes, to avoid a bad quality of life, these women are walking for days to go in the cities, where they become “Head Porters”. They live and sleep in the market, and if you buy something heavy ( Like a bag of rice) they will carry it on their head for you if you pay them. They are generally poorly educated.

This is it for today, have a good day!

PS: Just received my church dress, take a look!!!





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