Our little moment in paradise

20160528_121045Sup  Folks,

This weekend, we had a long break because friday was a Holiday in Ghana. So we all decided to do  a little roadtrip in the Volta Region ( 5h from Accra) to do some hiking near the waterfalls.

When we arrived at our hotel, we were subjugated by all that nature surrounding us. Accra is a beautiful city, with a lot of action but it is very polluted so it was good to breathe a little bit of fresh air. And we have been well served. Here’s the view from our hotel room:


So when we woke up saturday morning, we were ready for our 6h-7h hike.. Here’s a couple of pictures from our trip:

When we had to come back to Accra, we faced some issues. We underestimated the price of our food and our lodging, so we ended up with 30 CEDI for 3 people to come back to Accra. We walked a little and found a group of people who were trying to load fruits in a trotro (Small bus). They told us they were going to Accra to sell the fruits, that they could bring us there for 30 CEDI each ( Fair price) and that they were fine with stopping at the bank if we needed more money. The driver, Felix, was one of the best trotro driver I’ve seen so far and everything went well. We’re back to work now.


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