First days – In country training

Sup folks!

So I’ve been in Accra for 3 days now, and a lot of things happened! Here are some pictures of the major highlights so :)!


Here are some classic Ghananian dishes.

1- Egg n Bread

Even though Egg n bread seems like a pretty universal meal, those guys have like the best recipe you could imagine. This is what i’ll be eating every morning for the next 3 1/2 months.









2- Red Red

Red Red

Made of beans, Gari, fried plantain and (very) spicy peppers (Pepe) ! This thing is amazing, and is a very common meal in Ghana.

3- Fufu


Fufu is a very chewy pasta-ish you put in a bowl full of soup and meat, and you need to eat it with your hands.

I wouldn’t recommend it,

4- The Club Beer (Yep, cuz we drink a lot here)

Cultural fact: Drinking isn’t something women do in Ghana. A women who goes in a bar is considered a prostitute. However, white (Aka Obruni here) women are considered different and can therefore drink without problem.



5- The sachets (Not a meal, but that little guy saved my life a couple of time so far)

Pur Water

You can buy water in bottle, but the cheaper way to have access to water is to buy it in these bags. It’s super cheep, that bag cost 20 Pesoas ( approx. 0,07 CAN$)


Ok need to go , just arrive at my new familly’s place!

Thanks to Alicia for the pictures!!!!